The PFC Business Circle

Introducing a 10 week long cohort for entrepreneurs who are serious about taking their business to the next level.

Running a business is hard.

There is no guide book and no one is there to tell you what to do. So who do you turn to for help?

A great way to accelerate your success is by learning from others who are or have been on a similar path.

The PFC Business Circle was created to bring great minds together who are dedicated to building and creating great things to share with the world.

What is this?

For 10 weeks, we will meet to discuss various topics regarding business, marketing, social media, and finance. Get the mentorship, community, support, and accountability that you need in order to advance as an entrepreneur!

Learn from Jeremy, industry experts, and 24 other entrepreneurs like yourself about the ins and outs of building a thriving business.

Meetings will be held on Sundays from 3/5/23 to 5/28/23 (with 3/19, 4/9, and 5/14 off) at 5:00 PM-6:30 PM PST (8:00 PM – 9:30 PM EST). You can optionally stay for 30 minutes after each session for semi-private coaching with Jeremy and your fellow members.

Who is this for?

This cohort is application only. 25 members will be selected to become a part of a diverse group of entrepreneurial minded folks who will grow together and support one another. 

As an ideal candidate, you…

  • Are a business owner or a high income earner who is interested in entrepreneurship
  • Make six figures+ per year
  • Are dedicated to taking your career to the next level
  • Are open to learning from others and sharing your experiences and expertise

What's included?

  • Ten weekly meetings with presentations, Q&As, discussions, and activities that will accelerate your growth
  • A private one hour coaching call with Jeremy. (You can’t even buy this!)
  • A network of 24 other highly motivated entrepreneurs from various industries and backgrounds
  • A forever group chat to continue getting support even after the cohort ends (including Jeremy!)
  • Both PFC courses ($138 value)
  • Five course bundles to gift to friends and family ($690 value)
  • Exclusive PFC Business Circle t-shirt and mug (Priceless heirlooms)
  • Plus… get an inside look at PFC’s new business venture as we build it from the ground up!

Total Investment: $2,500

(If your company pays for this, it counts as a write-off!)

What will I get out of this?

In full transparency, this is our first time doing this. We’ll learn as we go, so it won’t be perfect, but it will be amazing.

  • New skills
    • Business principles – Level up your goal setting, productivity, and leadership
    • Finance & accounting – Learn about taxes, bookkeeping, and investing for retirement as an entrepreneur
    • Marketing & social media – Build your online presence and convert strangers into customers
  • Networking
    • Expand your network with a curated group of highly motivated, driven people who will help you grow
    • Make industry connections and get access to unique opportunities
    • Feel less alone. Vent, share war stories, and get advice from people who have been there. Leadership is a lonely road!
  • Feedback sessions
    • Get feedback on your website/social media
    • Get insight on how to overcome your pain points

Who is this guy?

Hi! I’m Jeremy and I’m a serial entrepreneur. I started my first company in college called RentLinx and sold it at age 34 for $5 million.

Since then I’ve started four other businesses: a credit card statement website, a house flipping business, a VC backed tech startup, and a Instagram influencer financial literacy business!

I’m far from the perfect entrepreneur, but I love helping others any way I can!

Jeremy PFC Profile Pic Large

Want to join the PFC Business Circle?

  • A 10 week long cohort for entrepreneurs
  • Includes a private one hour call with Jeremy
  • Get access to a network of 24 other entrepreneurs from various industries and backgrounds
  • Application only and limited to 25 members
Applications are due February 19th at 11:59 PM!

2/19 - Applications due

2/22 - 2/26 - Members Selected

3/5 - Week 1 starts!

3/19, 4/9, and 5/14 - No meeting

5/28 - Last meeting & graduation!

2/19 - Applications due

2/22 - 2/26 - Members Selected

3/5 - Week 1 starts!

3/19, 4/9, and 5/14 - No meeting

5/28 - Last meeting & graduation!

Frequently asked questions

The PFC community is full of smart, interesting people! It's hard to cultivate an intimate community on Instagram, so we want to create a space for business minded people who are serious about taking their wealth building journey to the next level.

We want to provide an accessible price point while still providing a ton of value. Our goal is for this to easily pay for itself many times over in terms of your business success. Get 10 weeks of value, including hands-on coaching from industry experts and the opportunity to collaborate with other super smart folks!

Hey! That last guy said it was cheap! We believe that with the right intentions, this experience will help you grow your business, make more money, and save time from mistakes. If you feel that it's too expensive, this is probably not the right fit for you right now. Keep pushing and soon enough you'll be asking why it's so cheap!

Yes! If you are interested in starting a business you are welcome to apply. We will prioritize those who hold high level positions at their job or are likely to have valuable insights to contribute to other members of the group.

We want to make sure that members are comfortably able to afford this and are at a point in their careers where making this investment will clearly be worth the money. If you don't make six figures and have a strong case for why this is worthwhile for you, (like going through a career shift and having a high net worth) you are welcome to apply!

Yes! We may talk about taxes and accounts that are US specific, but other than that, everything else should apply! We believe that having a non-US person would bring valuable insights to the group as well!

We know that you have a lot going on, so it can be as much or as little as you like. Every week there will be mini assignments, but they are optional. In the following week we may have a quick discussion on the assignment but it's possible to participate without having completed it. We will ask you to do a short presentation on yourself and your business, but being an expert in yourself it should be quick to prepare. 

It's okay, life happens! All sessions will be recorded, but your experience will be much more rewarding when you are able to be present.

No worries! Email us at or use the contact form here.

Applications are due in: