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Below are the ways to learn about personal finance or get help from PFC, along with the prices!

The Reading List
Check out the PFC reading list for a great set of books, podcasts, websites and more from which to learn personal finance and investing. Read a few of these books and you’ll likely have everything you need for a career of success with money.

See the PFC Reading List
Free (from library)
The Instagram
There is years of knowledge poured into the PFC instagram account. Read through it to find all the hidden gems or simply subscribe for your daily dose of disciplined personal finance advice.

Visit the PFC Instagram
The Community
Come join us at the PFC Community! We’re a champions of the individual investor. It’s a great place to ask and answer questions about personal finance and investing.

Visit the PFC Community
The Office Hours
If you have specific questions, join Jeremy on a weekly group based office hours Zoom call! Wednesday’s at 8pm ET/5pm PT. Questions can be posted to the office hours section of the PFC community. Jeremy answers those questions on the Zoom call, as well as live questions.

Join Office Hours
The Question
As much as I love all the DMs and emails I get every day, I’m unfortunately not able to get to all of them. If none of the above free options meet your needs, you can ask your question and receive a custom video response from Jeremy!

Ask Jeremy a Question
The Course
In the “How to Build Wealth by Investing in Index Funds” course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to invest in index funds. How to open an account, how much to invest, and how to choose an index fund. You’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to optimally invest and build wealth for decades.

Learn More About The PFC Course
The Coaching
You are most likely better off utilizing the options above. This option is mainly here to anchor the price point very high so the other options look inexpensive by comparison. But if you’re out of debt, have a high income or net worth and still want to sign up for a one hour 1:1 coaching session with Jeremy, you can book it below.

Book a coaching session with Jeremy
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