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Below are the ways to learn about personal finance or get help from PFC, along with the prices!

The Start Here Series
This 10 video series totaling less than 60 minutes walks you through the basics of how to get started investing. It includes why saving isn’t enough, compound growth, the stock market, why not to pick individual stocks, mutual funds, types of accounts, how to buy an index fund, and more.

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The Reading List
Check out the PFC reading list for a great set of books, podcasts, websites, and more from which to learn personal finance and investing. Read a few of these books and you’ll likely have everything you need for a career of success with money.

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The Instagram
There are years of knowledge poured into the PFC Instagram account. Read through it to find all the hidden gems or simply subscribe for your daily dose of disciplined personal finance advice.

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The Facebook Group
Come join the PFC Community! We’re champions of the individual investor. It’s a great place to ask and answer questions about personal finance and investing.

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The Courses
In our courses, you’ll learn the essentials of personal finance and investing: getting out of debt, credit scores, taxes, insurance, and how to invest to build some serious wealth for your future.

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