Which Core Position Should You Choose? SPAXX vs FDIC (Fidelity)

I get this question all the time when someone is opening a new Roth IRA or brokerage account with Fidelity. “Which core position should I choose?” when they see an option like below. The answer: It doesn’t matter, but for any sort of investment account (like an IRA) use the Money Market Fund (SPAXX) (reasoning below) […]

Seven reasons to put 100% of your portfolio in a target date index fund

I love target date index funds. I believe they’re your best bet to maximize long term wealth and almost every individual investor should put 100% of his or her equity portfolio in a single target date index fund. Seriously. What are target date index funds? They’re named after a target retirement year: A couple examples are […]

Who cares about your credit score? Know your NET WORTH SCORE!

Almost every day I talk to someone who mentions their credit score. After being in school our entire young lives, I think we must all yearn for someone to give us another grade. And when the ol’ FICO corporation is slapping a big number on all of us we jump for joy and excitedly burn […]