Job Post: Operations Manager / Website Administrator / Social Media Marketer / Support Specialist

Last updated on December 14th, 2020 by This position has been filled! The details of the post are left here for archival purposes. About the Company Personal Finance Club is a small, but profitable online startup seeking its first part-time employee! Founded in 2019 as a free educational resource with a mission to bring financial […]

SPAXX vs FDIC vs FDRXX – Best Fidelity Core Position?

Last updated on January 19th, 2021 by The quick answer It doesn’t matter because you shouldn’t be holding cash in your Roth IRA anyway. So just pick SPAXX and go on with your life. 😀 Longer explanation If you’re using Fidelity, you might see a button like this: That looks tempting, so you click on […]

The layers of investing: Why “IRA vs Index Funds” doesn’t make sense

I think getting these different “layers” confused is the absolute number one most common confusion in investing. So let’s walk through what happens when you invest.⁣⁣1. You go to a brokerage website (e.g.⁣2. You open an account (e.g. a Roth IRA)… now your Roth IRA is with/inside of Vanguard.⁣3. You contribute money to your […]