Learn about money or lose it

We spend most of our young lives learning. Six years of elementary school, three years of middle school, four years of high school, often four or more years of college. One of the primary goals of all this learning is to make a living as an adult in the real world. And how do we keep score of the success of that living? The dollar. And what do we learn about the dollar throughout all that education? Virtually nothing.‎

It’s like spending a career learning to play football without ever learning how the score works. That would be detrimental to your ability to win games. ‎

But it turns out, when you learn about money, you discover this amazing secret. Money can turn into MORE money. And you can use THAT money to make even more money, or buy things that you like! It’s the magic of investing.‎

Learning to invest is intimidating at first. If you’ve never dipped a toe in, it can seem like this complex, dangerous world where you’re more likely to get hurt than helped. But it turns out optimal investing is actually really simple!‎

I get asked every day “how do I invest?!”. That makes me desperately want to POUR knowledge into the heads of those inquiring so they can take advantage of the power of investing as well. I can’t do that for everyone, so I spent three months making a video course with lots of “learn by doing” quizzes that walks through everything you need to know to invest. It’s perfect for beginners. ‎

I struggled with whether to charge or give it away for free. My instinct was to make it free, but I believe more people will take it more seriously if they have a little skin in the game. Also, I can use the revenue to help fund the free content to get the word out to even more people and I decided to donate 20% of sales to charity so it’s a real engine for good.‎

Check it out here! :)‎

As always, reminding you to build wealth by following the two PFC rules: 1.) Live below your means and 2.) Invest early and often.‎


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