My $4 million net worth breakdown!

My net worth was up to about $3.8M way back in April of 2019, then it kinda seemed to stall. I bought a house and spend $100K on the remodel, and the COVID crash were a couple of the reasons. But I was happy to update my YNAB account today and see I finally cracked the 4s! ‎

While speculative day trading is making headlines, I’m still buying and holding index funds and investment real estate. The market is up about 3% this year which means my investment accounts are up about $80,000. Plus about a 16% gain from last year, and sales from the PFC course are driving the increase in my net worth. This is how most rich people get rich: index funds, real estate, businesses.‎

My real estate holdings right now are very “illiquid” syndicated deals. Basically, I own a tiny percent of a couple big apartment communities. I’m investing alongside others. There’s a manager of these deals who has a plan to exit in a few years. Until then, it’s hard to know what it’s really “worth”, so I record it just as what I put into it. But when we exit, theoretically, I’ll see a big jump. Or I’ll find out it was all a ponzi scheme and learn a valuable lesson about trust. But that’s why I like having my money diversified, and most in a brokerage account that I manage!‎

As always, reminding you to build wealth by following the two PFC rules: 1.) Live below your means and 2.) Invest early and often.‎


p.s. If you’re wondering how I went from $40Ks to $4Ms without hitting $400Ks it’s because when I sold my first business I got a $2M wire all at once, so jumped from $100K to $2.1M in a second. You can see more about that in the “my story” highlight. on Instagram.‎

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