Hey! Thanks for the interview! Here’s some info about Jeremy and Personal Finance Club to make your life a little easier!

Quick Bio

Jeremy Schneider is a successful entrepreneur and personal finance expert! After starting an internet company in college and selling it at the age of 34 for over $5M and retiring at 36, Jeremy has dedicated his life to teaching personal finance. He founded Personal Finance Club, a community of champions of the individual investor who help further financial education. Jeremy likes playing beach volleyball and writing bios about himself in the third person.

About Jeremy

After getting a Master’s degree in computer science at the University of Michigan, I turned down a job offer from Microsoft. Instead, I started an internet company called RentLinx, which is an advertising network for rental properties. 

As my company grew, I was always the lowest paid employee and never took home more than $36,000 per year. On that salary, by the age of 34 I had grown my net worth (not counting the value of the business) to over $100,000 while living in San Diego. I well on my way to millionaire status by (traditional) retirement age.

At this time I sold my company to AppFolio for $5 million. After taxes, my share came out to about $2 million. I spent the next two years working for AppFolio and then left on very good terms. With the amount of money I had invested, I’d be able to live off of the growth without ever having to work again.

So at age 36 I was officially retired! I spent the next year traveling and staying at home playing StarCraft II. I was feeling unfulfilled and had a bit of an existential crisis.

So in 2019 I started a passion project on Instagram to share daily personal finance tips. And that’s when Personal Finance Club was born. It pumped me up every day to talk about Roth IRAs and index funds and help people change the course of their financial future.

I kept getting the same questions, so during the height of the pandemic, I was bored and created an online course on how to build wealth by investing in index funds. And in the first week I had $100,000 worth of sales. That’s when I realized that I had accidentally started a business.

About Personal Finance Club

We believe that financial education changes lives and should be taught as early as possible. There is a multi-billion dollar industry that exists based on people making bad investment decisions, so Personal Finance Club is here to provide altruistic, unbiased educational tools on how to win with money! 

Our signature course, Build Wealth by Investing in Index Funds, has over 17,000 students and amazing reviews.

We also strive to be an engine for good by donating 20% of all sales to charity. Since the launch of the business in 2020, we have donated over $200,000! 

In 2022 we launched our second course, How to Money Like a Millionaire, which teaches the fundamentals of personal finance such as getting out of debt, credit scores, taxes, insurance, estate planning, and budgeting.

As always, reminding you to build wealth by following the two PFC rules: 

  1. Live below your means.
  2. Invest early and often.