This is how Personal Finance Club makes money

I still feel very new to the Instagram game. My first ever post on this account was just over two years ago. I remember having a few hundred followers and seeing accounts with 50,000+ followers and thinking they must be RICH. Rich from what? I don’t know, but it seems like with that kind of pull you’ve got to be rolling in it.‎

Well it turns out, nothing magical happens when you get to 50K followers or above. Instagram has no built in revenue share (like YouTube or TikTok do for bigger accounts). Many “instagram influencers” make money by doing sponsored posts or affiliate marketing (selling someone else’s product). We get about 1-2 offers per day for such posts. While there are many people who I trust and admire who do take advantage of those revenue streams, it’s not something we have done yet. The more time goes by, the more confident I am in that decision to avoid a conflict of interest and spamming you with too much paid content.‎

In fact, up until October of last year, we never made a single penny! It was never my intention to turn PFC into a business, but when I had the idea for the course I decided to charge a reasonable fee for it. I did this for a few reasons:‎

* Learners are more likely to take it seriously if they paid for it‎
* Ability to hire and fund more free content (@vivitron has since joined the team