We’re Hiring! Seeking an Expert Full-Stack Software Engineer

We’re seeking our first employee, but not for Personal Finance Club! The job will be the first employee at our new business we’ve been working on for the last year! We haven’t even announced the new company yet to our e-mail list or on Instagram, so you’ll be getting the inside scoop!

About You

We’re seeking an expert full-stack software engineer who is looking to take a gigantic pay cut to work for an exciting startup with unlimited upside potential.

We’re seeking someone to work with founder Jeremy who has built the entire application to date, and take on a lead development role. We’re seeking someone who:

  • Loves software engineering
  • Has a strong understanding of internet technologies
  • Has an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Sometimes has their best ideas in the shower or on a run
  • Wants to make a big impact on the course of the product and company
  • Is fun, positive, happy, and easy to work with, like we are!

You should have significant experience with:

  • Modern software development (we use C# and React)
  • Software engineering best practices (Github, Continuous Integration, Unit/Integration tests, etc)
  • Databases (we use PostgreSQL)
  • Web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, etc.)
  • Cloud technologies (We use AWS, RDS, ElasticBeanstalk, etc)
  • Visual design experience is a plus

No specific level of education is required, but it’s likely that the candidate we’re looking for will have at least a Bachelor’s in Computer Science or something closely related.

About The Company

Getting professional investment advice sucks. The industry is full of commissioned sales people and asset managers looking to manage your money and provide limited value in return. We’re going to disrupt the industry, and change the way individual investors find and procure investment advice, and build a hugely successful company along the way.

We’ve spent most of the last year working hard bringing Nectarine to life. We have done market validation, built the product, onboarded the best advisors in the industry, and are already delighting customers every day. We’re seeking our first employee to help continue to build out the technology while we scale up the business.

Other than a small, no-strings-attached loan from Jeremy, Nectarine hasn’t raised or borrowed any money yet. Our general mindset is to delay that as long as possible and focus on building a growing business.

About The Job

  • Title: We don’t really do titles, but it would be the equivalent something like “Principal Engineer” or “VP of Engineering”
  • Remote (US-based preferred)
  • Full time, salaried, W2. (Paid hourly if local law requires)
  • Benefits: None yet, but we’ll add as we grow
  • PTO: Unlimited with a minimum requirement of one week per quarter vacation
  • Fun, relaxed culture working with Jeremy, Vivi, and Shane! We’re three high performers excited about building something cool with minimal corporate nonsense along the way.

About The Pay

Being a bootstrapped company, early in our revenue journey, we can’t match the pay from the tech giants. Instead we’re offering the same pay the three co-founders are currently taking, which is $76,000 per year. Additionally, we can offer 50,000 to 200,000 shares of stock, which equates to 0.5% to 2% ownership, based on experience. This likely represents a significant pay cut for you, but we’re hoping to find the right person who can temporarily take the financial risk in exchange for an exciting startup with unlimited upside potential! We plan to aggressively grow pay and benefits along with the company.

How To Apply

In the past when we have posted jobs, we have received an overwhelming response. So instead of posting an email address so your application can get lost in a sea of resumes, we’re hoping to give the right person an opportunity to stand out by solving a small puzzle to get our email address! Here’s the puzzle:

A “Bubblicious Number” is an integer that is prime and whose hexadecimal representation has a last digit of B. The first three are 11, 43 and 59. How many Bubblicious Numbers are there between one and 100,000?

Our e-mail address is the answer @ our new company’s domain name.

When you solve it, send us an email, include the code you used to solve it, send a project you’ve made, your resume, and tell us a bit about yourself!


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