Why I am working on Personal Finance Club even though I’m retired

Why am I doing Personal Finance Club

I occasionally get asked WHY I am working so hard on Personal Finance Club when I have enough money to be set forever. To be honest, when I was younger and growing my company I had fantasies of selling my company for millions then retreating to a tropical island declaring victory on life. I actually mentioned this to the CEO of the company that bought my first company. His response was “Yeah, but what are you gonna do when you get back?”

It was kind of an eye opening thought for me. I couldn’t REALLY live on a tropical island forever. That would become mind numbingly boring after a few weeks. And when you’re set for money, what really IS the goal? My mom once asked my Grandma something like “Why are we all here?”. My Grandma’s response was “To help each other.” I like that. And I’d probably add to it, “To be happy.”

For me, Personal Finance Club hits the mark on those two goals. Some people like skydiving or rock climbing, I like discussing index funds! And I really believe it helps people. Despite its critical importance in this world, so many of us are lacking in financial literacy. A little altruistic push in the right direction can change lives or even a families trajectory. That makes me happy and helps people! 🙂

When I started PFC in 2019, it was just a hobby. I never intended for it to become a business. (As a tech guy, it’s not a very attractive business model) But bored during the pandemic in 2020 I created a business out of it by mistake! I first launched my course on October 1, 2020. Since then we’ve made close to $500,000, but I’ve personally only taken home $38,000. (I’m gonna post a more detailed breakdown on this later). In that same time we’ve actually donated $95,000! I love I can help people with the product AND be a profitable engine for good.

The two rules.


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