Here’s how the hottest stocks have been doing

Stocks crashing
These numbers represent the percent drop of each investment from their all time highs (all that occurred in the last year). Do these stocks look familiar? They’ve been all over social media as hottest stocks to buy over the last year. If you threw a rock last year and you were likely to hit a speculator touting how these stocks are expected to skyrocket. Think I’m cherry picking the ones that just went down? I also couldn’t fit these:

• Snapchat (-48%)
• Rivian (-50%)
• Palantir (-57%)
• Gamestop (-62%)
• Robinhood (-76%)
• Dogecoin (-77%)
• Virgin Galactic (-79%)

The harder task is to find a hyped/meme stock that ISN’T down almost 50% or more. Speculators jumping on the the bandwagon of the most hyped stocks over the last year might see their portfolios cut in half or worse. Meanwhile our friend the index fund is only 2% off of its all time high set about a week ago.

If I didn’t care about misleading new investors I could make a KILLING as a stock picking guru. I’ve got a great gameplan. Day trade a bunch of trending stocks. Then only talk about the winners. “Hey guys, yesterday I bought IMRN and today it’s up 46%! I made $10,000 in a day! Sign up for my discourse channel for my best stock picks!” Sound familiar?

If those stock speculators could REALLY beat the market to the tune of 46% per day, do you know how long it would take to turn $1,000 into a billion dollars? 37 days. If they could do it they would. But they can’t so instead they sell a course, newsletter, VIP access, etc. Beware of the stock speculator selling their predictions.

As always, reminding you to build wealth by following the two PFC rules: 1.) Live below your means and 2.) Invest early and often.


p.s. This is the first graphic that @shane_sideris made for PFC! How did he do?!

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