How do I buy stock?

What it do!
How do I buy stock?
You like… want to buy shares in a company as an investment?
Yes! Exactly.
Wait… why? What’s your goal?
I want to get rich!
Sweet! But, if that’s your goal, I would highly recommend learning about mutual funds or better yet index funds. That’s a better way to reliably build wealth.
Ugh. Can you just answer my question.
Sure. So basically you just need to open a special type of bank account called a “brokerage account”. It’s like a checking or savings account, but instead of holding cash in it, it can also hold stocks, bonds and mutual funds.
How do I do that?
There’s a bunch of online investment banks. It’s easy, just go to their website, click “open an account”. This is how it looks on to buy stocks
It’s pretty easy from there. Just follow the steps. You’ll need your social security number (for taxes), address and some other basic info.
There are a bunch of other online investment banks/brokers as well. Check out a breakdown of the different investment banks.
Wait… I see brokerage account but what are these other types of accounts?
Types of investment accounts

Those are other types of investment bank accounts where you can buy stocks, bonds and mutual funds! They may be an even better option if you are trying to build long term wealth for retirement. Which one are you interested in?

Awesome. you’re the best.
I know


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