How to make your first million dollars

Your first million

Building wealth is all about increasing the gap between what you make and what you spend. Investing the difference between those two numbers is how you build wealth. Making that gap bigger so you can invest big chunks of money is how you make your first million bucks as fast as possible.

This list breaks down some of the big dials you can turn to increase that earning/spending gap. Want to become a millionaire REALLY FAST? Turn all those dials up to 11. Live in a SUPER inexpensive house. Drive REALLY cheap cars. Get and stay 100% debt free. Get crazy frugal on eating, entertainment, traveling, etc. Really hustle at work for overtime or that next promotion (or switch jobs for a big pay increase). Build that side hustle, get roommates, rent out your place when you’re out of town.

Then with all that cash you’re making and not spending dump it into the two wealth building engines: The stock market (in the form of index funds) and investment real estate.

It’s a grind for sure. But it’s a choice! You don’t have to go this hard and you can get there slower. But with this hustle earlier in your career (or later if you’re late to the game) you’re buying yourself FREEDOM down the road. The freedom to work when and if you want to. The freedom to do what you love. The freedom to spend your time how you see fit (time is the one thing money CAN’T buy).

This post and all of the above really boils down to the two rules for building wealth! 1.) Live below your means and 2.) Invest early and often.


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