How a ’99 Ford made me $91,131

I bought my ’99 Ford Explorer 10 years ago. I didn’t think much about it at the time, but looking back that decision to drive frugally has made me almost $100,000 today. The “two rules” were almost a decade from being written, but this is a real life example of how they worked for me.‎

Yes, that’s the actual craigslist ad from when I bought it. I keep stuff like this organized in Google drive.‎

So what excuses do you have for not driving frugally? Here are some excuses I hear:⁣‎
• “I need to impress clients”: Your clients literally couldn’t give a shit what you drive. Just clean up the french fries off the floor and they’ll be happy.‎
• “I need a safe modern car”: Remember 1990 when we were all driving cars and the year 2000