My net worth is $3.8M and I rent a one bedroom apartment

My net worth is $3.8M and I rent a 1 bedroom apartment

I’m 39 years old, I became a millionaire at 34, and I retired at 36. I’ve been living in the same one bedroom apartment for the last five and a half years. It’s a converted garage owned by my friends who live in the attached house. My rent is $1,350/month, which is pretty good for San Diego. Every month I live here and don’t buy my own place I am becoming more wealth than if I bought a home.

The title of this article will be true for about another month, at which point I’m moving into the two bedroom condo I recently purchased. During this time of housing transition, I wanted to discuss the “rent vs buy” question that plagues so many. Spoiler alert: I think that’s the wrong question to be asking. The more import